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  • 23.05.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 metal constructions in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 20.05.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex of mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 07.04.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 volume blocks in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is completed on 50%. » Read
  • 29.03.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) has begun. » Read

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Fitness club with swimming pool


Multifunctional fitness center


Multifunctional fitness center with well-developed infrastructure of cultural-mass character

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Technical task on predesign of building / metalware

General information about building metal constructions ECON

Building metal constructions ECON are applied to building of industrial and public objects: industrial, warehouse complexes, shopping malls, sports facilities, agricultural objects and any other frame type buildings including explosive and spontaneously igniting constructions. Buildings can have a thermal contour or be not warmed.

The elements of building metal constructions ECON are made of a hot-rolled beam on the automated lines of the specialized factory holding E.P.K. UAB in Lithuania. All operations of metal processing at the factory are carried out on the new equipment under electronics control. Handworks are related only to welding of canopy elements such as flanges, etc. and blast cleaning welds. Steel for the metal constructions is accepted S355 (S355).

Installation of the metal frame elements is carried out on high-strength bolts Weld after blast cleaning

Building frame based on metal constructions ECON represents rigidly fixed on the foundations of single or multi-span frames located with the basic step of 6 m.

Building ECON can have the width of span without columns over 50 meters, the height of one floor up to 15 meters, can be equipped with lifting devices up to 50 tons. Frame is made in the form of roof beams and columns. Hardness of the frame is provided with the system of vertical and horizontal linkages. Frames are attached to the foundation with stay-bolts.

Installation of the metal frame elements is carried out on high-strength bolts.

Metal constructions ECON don't demand rework on a construction plant. The proper engineering and design solution and the industrial way of production of building constructions allow accelerating the installation process and minimizing errors.