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  • 23.05.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 metal constructions in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 20.05.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex of mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 07.04.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 volume blocks in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is completed on 50%. » Read
  • 29.03.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) has begun. » Read

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Вальдемар АабMr. Valdemar Aab is the chief constructor of the design office of industrial holding ECON. He has a wide experience in designing of civil and industrial projects.

The design of central part of Ekaterinburg is among Valdemar Aab’s works in design team “Sverlovskgrazhdanproekt”. There are 22 high-rise apartment houses, schools, kindergartens, shops, buildings of the city administration and other institutions in the architectural ensemble. For the first time during this project underground garages were designed and built in apartment houses in the USSR.

Проект возле реки In 1995 Valdemar Aab obtained the license for carrying out design work in Europe and began working in the engineering office of Mr. Reinhold Mayer, the Doctor of engineering, in Kassel, Germany. Valdemar Aab has become the chief constructor since 2004.

During this time ordinary design problems and tasks of high complexity have been solved at the designing of the Management of medical concern “B. Braun” building (the architectural project of Norman Foster’s studio), Laboratory Centre Research Institute in Hamburg, the building of the Ministry of Justice of Hesse.

Valdemar Aab has been the head of his own design office since 2004. Designers using their own experience, research and technical knowledge and modern technologies take modern decisions that meet client needs. The final decision is accepted on the basis of the alternative miscalculation of various possible schemes of building frames and it allows achieving the minimum amount of material.

Вальдемар Ааб Вальдемар Ааб Вальдемар Ааб

The company develops projects of small sport constructions for mass sport and also designing of the federal Olympic centers of higher sports achievements. They meet all modern requirements. The whole complex such as universal sport-recreation and cultural-mass object can be formed and based on the customer's specifications, characteristics and the site location.