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  • 23.05.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 metal constructions in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 20.05.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex of mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 07.04.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 volume blocks in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is completed on 50%. » Read
  • 29.03.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) has begun. » Read

Projects of typical constructions

Fitness club with swimming pool


Multifunctional fitness center


Multifunctional fitness center with well-developed infrastructure of cultural-mass character

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Structure of industrial holding ECON

  • Engineering Design Bureau JSC "Econom-Project"
  • E.Р.K.UAB factory (Silute, Lithuania)
  • CJSC "Econ-Stroy" (Svetlyj, the Kaliningrad region)

The designers of engineering and design office "Econ-project" have experience in domestic and European design organizations; therefore they can offer European architectural and technological solution of the project and comply with the Russian requirements and standards.

The E.P.K.UAB factory  is the main industrial centre of industrial holding ECON. The new factory is created specially for industrial production of building metal constructions. Advantageous geographical location allows quickly and with minimum expenses to deliver metal constructions to construction plants.

The E.P.K.UAB factory is equipped with the most modern European metal processing equipment and includes production lines of abrasive cleaning (shot blasting) of material, its manufacture, the automated first coat and painting.

The technological process of metal constructions manufacture at the E.P.K.UAB factory includes shot blasting of metal to grade SA 2.5, the corrosion protection of the two component acrylic primer paint with minimum thickness of 55 um, the color by the customer's choice.

The most modern way of the industrial cleaning of welds, known as dry ice blasting, is applied to increase corrosion protection of metal constructions at the E.P.K.UAB factory.

Full automation of manufacture process and high accuracy of modern equipment allow us to provide the highest quality of E.P.K.UAB metal constructions. The principle of the construction of metal buildings Econ is installation with high-strength bolting, which is namely based on a high accuracy of elements' sizes of the building and the exact execution of mounting holes. This principle allows reducing the effort and time spent on the construction of the building and also guarantees the integrity of the corrosion protection of metal components that significantly prolongs the life of the building.

The LLC ”Strelec” is the assignee of the production association LLC "Zapremmash" working in the metal working market since 1972 and proved being a very reliable partner, which guarantees the quality production of orders in target dates. The industrial base of the companies allows producing products of general engineering, manufacturing the non-standard equipment of any complexity, rubber goods, building metal constructions, and also carrying out their installation.

The LLC "Baltremmash" is the transport company that delivers produced metal constructions to the facilities installation, using its own heavy trucks.

The representative of industrial holding ECON is the closed joint-stock company "ECON-STROY" in Russia. It was founded on January 29th, 2008 to market products and services of holding companies.