Company news

  • 23.05.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 metal constructions in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 20.05.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex of mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is finished. » Read
  • 07.04.2011 Installation of springboard K-65 volume blocks in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) is completed on 50%. » Read
  • 29.03.2011 Installation of stair-lift complex in mountain ski complex «Snezhinka» (Tchaikovsky, Perm region) has begun. » Read

Projects of typical constructions

Fitness club with swimming pool


Multifunctional fitness center


Multifunctional fitness center with well-developed infrastructure of cultural-mass character


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The main activities of industrial holding ECON - are designing and construction of industrial and commercial real estate objects using metal constructions of its own manufacture from a hot-rolled beam.

The holding specializes on designing, construction and reconstruction of sports objects promoting the development of physical culture and sports in the country.

Designing of various typical variants of the construction of sports infrastructure objects is carried out on preliminary market research to reveal the preferences of the end users of sports infrastructure objects.

The concept of industrial holding ECON - is satisfaction of customers’ requirements in the construction of high-quality objects of any complexity using the introduction of new construction technologies, high professionalism of employees and expansion of own material resources.

Priority strategic objectives of company ECON
  • Improvement of quality and competitiveness of production, increase of its market share of design and construction services both in Russia and Europe
  • Creation of mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with customers, suppliers, employees and society
  • Achievement of economic well-being of the enterprise and welfare advance of its employees
Competitive advantages of company ECON
  • Presence of own capacities in Russia and in Europe
  • Modern engineering decisions and own design office
  • Comprehensive approach to solving tasks: from designing, manufacturing and installation of metal constructions to construction of buildings and structures
  • High quality of production corresponds to international standards
  • Qualified and experienced staff

Meeting consumer needs and also passing the established standard and legislative norms to production and services are the higher priority of the company. The quality assurance of services is provided with the internal control and quality control system introduced by holding according to the ISO 9001:2000 standards.

We offer you a new philosophy of construction, based on quality, innovation, professionalism and above all the availability of services.